Garra rufa spa

October 21, 2018 / By technologyup

Healing of skin diseases

If you suffer from psoriasis or some kind of eczema (atopic eczema, psoriasis, etc.), you will certainly appreciate the possibility to significantly improve your health, at least on your feet. With Garra Rufa doctor fish there is nothing stopping you.

Garra Rufa spa

It is a specific species of fish that live mostly in Turkey, or in some rivers and lakes in the upper regions of Syria. The main reason why they are so popular today is their ability to consume “dead” and also diseased skin. It sounds rather painful, but it is completely a safe. Painless and simple process during which you will experience pleasant feelings rather than anything negative.

Skin eating fish without skin creams

If you are planning to go for the benefits of Garra Rufa fish spa keep in mind that you need not to use any creams for at least three days before you put your feet in an aquarium with the fish inside. It doesn’t matter if you use the creams for health or beauty purposes. Creams may negatively influence the digestive system of the fish.

Garra rufa doma může mít každý

At home and even outside

Garra Rufa spa can be nowadays found practically in every larger town or city. The services of are usually on a high level, but also often quite expensive. If you want to save money in the long run, then you should definitely buy them yourselves. They should not go to just any aquarium, but dermaQuarium should meet their needs and keep them healthy and alive for you.