Garra rufa (Doctor fish)

Garra ruffa

Different types of fauna serve not only as farm animals or pets but can also are useful as a part of a healing therapy. One of these animals (in this case very little ones) is a fish with an exotic name Garra Rufa.

Garra rufa – fish from the Middle East

Garra Rufa fish come from the Middle East. Most commonly occurring in the waters of the northern tip of Syria and in the territory of Turkey. It is a highly adaptable type of fish that are commonly found not only in large rivers such as Euphrates and Tigris but also in small rivers and ponds. The distinctive signs from other species are mainly their small size (14 cm is maximum) and red coloured tail fin.

Healing abilities

This type of fish is not bred for its specific appearance, but primarily because of therapeutic effects . They have a rare ability to help cure or at least mitigate the effects of various skin diseases such as psoriasis or most types of atopic eczema. Just put your feet in the water with these miraculous fish and they take care of the affected tissue by simply consuming it. However, this is not a painful procedure, it might tickle you at the best. Garra Rufa does not have teeth, but only some kind of a sucker. Even so, the fish can handle with it enough food to stay alive.

However, they are not only suitable for removing the affected skin, but they are also very appealing and always like to be caressed, thus acting positively your psyche. The doctor fish, as we also call it, is also used as a part of mental therapy. Of course, they can not heal difficult mental states, but they can help with lighter anxiety and depression.


Garra Rufa fish breeding is not difficult, but some basic requirements have to be met.
Sufficient filtration, ventilation, good water heating, lighting and more. If you use dermaQuarium to breed those fish, you’re all set and ready for breeding fish in their home-like conditions.