Is a complex systém of an open aquarium, created primarily for unpretentious breeding of Garra Rufa fish.
Unique and modern design of dermaQuarium in several colour variants will surely brighten up every interior.
The high-quality design and the included technical components offer the opportunity to breed a variety of many other aquarium fish species.

Enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments anywhere

Enjoy the pleasant moments of relaxation and especially the benefits of the Garra Rufa, whenever you want. Thanks to dermaQuarium, you will no longer be dependent on visits to specialized salons. You will have your own fish that you can spend time with whenever you want to, without the potential side risks that can be associated with salon visits.

When designing, we put the emphasis on safe contact with fish and, above all, the easy handling of the aquarium.

The benefits that dermaQuarium brings will be even better while enjoying them at home.

It can also be a very stylish decoration of your office or a pleasant diversion for visitors of your workplace.

Choose from several color variants

we manufacture dermaQuarium in several modern color designs.

Choose the colour that will match the interior of the room intended for its location.

Pure white shine, decent black or do you like pastel colours more?

We will leave the choice to you.

Available colour variations, choose your favourite.

Complete system

Contains all the necessary components to ensure the quality, temperature and cleanliness of the water and the necessary air supply for the fish that will consider the aquarium a home. The water temperature in the aquarium can be set up to 32 °C.

Made of high-quality materials

The construction itself is made of quality wooden NCS boards, the aquarium is made of ultra-clear glass to ensure maximum clear transparency while preserving the colour neutrality. Filtration and aeration of the aquarium are provided by components made of stainless steel.

Effective lighting

The dermaQuarium is illuminated by floodlit 10 mm ultra-clear glass aquarium walls.
Its pleasant lighting will stand out and will underline the elegance of the aquarium, especially in the evening.
In addition, you can control the intensity of the lighting with the remote control that you will find in the packing.

Simple installation

Fill the aquarium with water and plug in a single cable – that’s all you have to do.

All systems (air, water, lighting) start up automatically after power up.

Easy maintenance

Handling and cleaning of the aquarium are both very easy tasks.
It’s easy to get to the components located inside the aquarium.

Push a single button and the aquarium is going eject the components out.

The dermaQuarium comes with a cleaning kit.

Safe to use

Water quality, along with powerful filtration, controls a flow-through UV lamp that destroys all organic germs and bacteria that can get into the water from outside. So the water will be clear and safe.

Garra ruffa

Garra Rufa fish

originating from the Middle East, the fish become a very desirable companion, mainly because of their beneficial abilities, medical and therapeutic effects. Fish have the ability not only to heal or at least mitigate the consequences of various skin diseases (psoriasis, atopic eczema, dry skin), but they are also affectionate and, unlike other fish, do not prevent direct contact with people, thus acting positively on the psyche.

learn more about Garra rufa

are commonly available

Garra Rufa fish are commonly available and can be ordered from many companies and breeders across the world. We will send you a list of Garra Rufa fish vendors upon request.

Be absolutely sure that you can manage the aquarium and the fish.

You will receive a manual and instructions on how to take care of the dermaQuarium and how to handle it.

There is also a handbook on how to care for the Garra rufa fish.

Everything is easy.

Learn more about the fish care

How to order a dermaQuarium

You can simply order the dermaQuarium using the form below.

We will then contact you and settle your delivery details and payment method.

The price of a complete set: 1290 €

How will dermaQuarium be delivered to you?

dermaQuarium will be delivered to you by a shipping company at the desired location and at the time you require.

The set is precisely packed. The product is guaranteed to be delivered shipshape, especially the glass parts.

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